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...Connecting people, place, space, textiles, culture, fashion and brand aesthetics

About The Studio

Our design studio thrives at the captivating crossroads of concept, product, and profound meaning. We have a dynamic team of designers from diverse creative backgrounds encompassing branding, fashion, textiles, and interior design. This convergence of multidisciplinary talent forms the heart of our approach to each project.

Our integrated and distilled experience across these design disciplines empowers our team to design with a profound sense of relevance. It enables us to infuse every project with a global creative perspective, seamlessly weaving together the rich tapestry of local artisanal art and craft with the brand's visionary identity and a deep-rooted connection to its unique sense of place.

In our studio, the fusion of creativity and purpose yields designs that are visually stunning and resonate with profound meaning.

About The Studio

Our Design Process

01. Preliminary Research

Brand Audit | Concept Study of the Property/Interiors | Local Textiles and Culture | Design Direction

02. Mind Mapping

Exploring multiple design directions for connecting people, place, space, textiles, culture, fashion and brand aesthetics together

03. Mood boarding

A visual summary of inspirational images, objects, material swatches, trims, or product examples that explain the uniform concept for the respective brand.

06. Sampling

Creating a set of selected samples based on the final designs and fabrics selected.Our product development specialists create technical specifications and closely work with artisans and factories to get the detailing and quality correct.

05. Materiality

Once the designs are finalized, contemporary breathable textures are shared for selection. The overall design, climatic conditions, job role, and wash cycle sustenance play an important role while deciding the right materiality for the project.

04. Designing

While mood boarding defines design directions, the next step involves designing a complete collection of uniforms based on these design directions. The collection includes styling options customized for a brand including all the departments and designations across the property/store.

01. Brand Requirement

02. Product Design

04. Forecasting

03. Sampling & Product dev

05. Manufacturing

06. Warehousing and Shipping

08. Delivery

07. Pick and pack

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Meet Our Expert Dreamweavers

Ankit Gala

Creative Head

Saikat Mondal

Principal Designer

Priyanka Behera

Principal Designer

Arvind Kushwaha

Principal Designer

Abhishek Garg

Graphic Designer

Rupali Surve

Graphic Support

In our studio, a team of remarkable experts in the realms of fashion, branding, and graphics takes your vision and, with their boundless creativity, transforms it into something truly magical.

If you're ready to elevate your brand and create an environment where your staff feels and looks great, our experts are here to make it happen.

Reach out to discover how their exceptional skills can help you craft a unique brand identity that leaves a lasting impression while ensuring your team feels their absolute best.

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